I am so so blessed. And I can only turn around and praise Yahweh. I did not do anything to deserve everything He gives me.


I am so blessed that my Christian campus ministry, InterVarsity, only has eight returning students in my dorm. To put that in context, we normally have fifteen to twenty students. So what’s so great about eight? We have eight passionate and dedicated students. I would rather have eight zealous students than twenty lukewarm students any day. Can you imagine how much YHWH can do with eight passionate students? It’s incredible. I am so excited.


I am so blessed that the health foods store is only a half-hour walk or fifteen-minute bus ride away. That is closer than the nearest Walmart or Target! (Which is a half-hour to forty minute bus ride). And it’s a big store! They have everything I like to buy in stores and online, as well as fresh produce. So fancy stuff I was planning on buying on Amazon? Hello to no shipping. I am so blessed to have all of my health needs so close at hand.


I am so blessed by the WordPress Messianic/Hebrew Roots blogging community. Not only is there so much to learn, but each writer has a slightly different perspective and interpretation. It helps to keep me grounded and (hopefully) unbiased to one particular view. Further, I happen to read entries on a topic just when I need it. For example, two entries by James about the relationship between Jews and non-Jews, and the importance of being Gentile! Tomorrow I’ll go to my first Shabbat with the Jewish organization on campus, and it was nice to have a reminder of my place in relation to the Jews I’ll be interacting with.


And that’s why Yeshua reminds us not to worry. I was so worried about my time at school, as much as I tried not to be. And now I see that there really was no reason to be worried. He’s got me covered. He will never let me go.

I am so blessed. The Father is so wonderful. He blesses us all so abundantly.


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