Hi all!


Man, isn’t it so easy to get caught up on the negatives? (And I complained about people complaining…sheesh.)

Long skirts, right? I thought people would criticize me for being so modest. Actually, people love it! Well, they don’t necessarily comment on the modesty, but they love my skirts. They ask me where I get them and such. (They’re all hand-me-downs, gifts, or stuff I bought in Japan hehe.) And I get wonderful comments in general on my attire. Yesterday I looked especially modest, and honestly although I started the day feeling happy with my outfit, towards the end of the day I felt a little frumpy. But then a boy told me I looked really pretty! Wow. Talk about a blessing.

Another thing about my outfits is head-coverings. For the most part, because I’m unmarried I’ve only been partially covering. People always compliment my “headbands.” There was a day I wore a full head-covering and it threw everybody off. It was funny. But they still liked it! That’s the blessing of being on an international campus: it’s cool to be artsy and unique.

I thought being (mostly) alone all summer was my incubation period, but I realize that my time here is the real training ground. People here are more open to other lifestyles, more open to differences. Once I’m out in the “real” world, it will get harder. Even on any other midwest campus it would be harder. But Yah has blessed me with a place where I can comfortably (although not too comfortably of course) learn to walk in His ways.

Another thing – Sabbath. I am taking sixteen hours of courses, which breaks down into four hours of Russian and twelve hours of literature. I honor Sabbath, and I have boundaries between homework, eating, and sleep. Understand? I have more homework than most people, and yet I sleep more and rest more. For the most part, I am not stressed or overwhelmed with the amount of work. I get everything done on time, and not at the last minute. It’s is a BLESSING through and through.

Kosher is easy. My ex was concerned that being gluten-free and kosher would be too hard. Seeing as I am doing scriptural kosher and not Rabbinical kosher, it’s actually really easy. But that isn’t a surprise to other Torah-observant believers…

As alone as I feel, and as frustrated as I get, I can see my Father’s blessings abound all around me. All day long He blesses me. His instructions are my delight, He is my delight. Moses was right, these instructions are not too far, they are not too hard. They are life to me, and I feel that life abound.

May Yahweh bless you and keep you,
Yahweh make his face to shine upon you and show favour towards you,
Yahweh life his face upon you and give you shalom,


2 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Genevieve, I’m so happy for you! That your eyes can focus on the positives and joys of it all – truly outstanding! And “yay!” on getting a compliment. Those little pick-me-ups are great encouragements. Stay strong. Stay encouraged. -Catherine 🙂

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