Small group was wonderful today. The girl who was not able to make it last week came today, and we had so much fun. We were only supposed to meet for 90 minutes, but we ended up meeting for 3 hours! The girls just had so much fun in the presence of YHWH, and with each other. I am so thankful, because I have been praying for these girls. My prayer has been that we can become like a family.

I have been observing Sabbath for a while now, at least a few years. And although Sabbath is restful, sometimes I feel like I am lacking something, as if resting is its own kind of work. And as I have studied Hebrew culture, I learned that Sabbath was (and is amongst modern Jews) a family event. And I realized that I was missing a family in my Sabbath. I am the only in my physical family who observes Sabbath, except for my mother. But while I am at school, it is just me.

Please do not misunderstand me. I have not been selfishly praying for my small group to be a family for my own purposes of having a restful Sabbath. Rather, I was praying for a family atmosphere in my small group because modern culture lacks family connection. I wanted to provide a family-away-from-home for my small group members. Further, I wanted to be a part of a family rooted in love of the Father, and that together we could enjoy Sabbath and all of Papa’s blessings. I have other “families” at school, but the other students do not necessarily have a desire for holiness, and practicing Sabbath seems like an unnecessary burden to them. To have students that are eager to spend time on the seventh day of the week studying scripture and worshipping with me, is such a blessing.

In my imaginings, it was going to take much longer before we developed a close bond, as it has taken that long in other groups. But today, I witnessed a miracle. Two girls who had never met, left the room friends and sisters, excited to attend church together tonight. They had the freedom to leave after 2:30, when study was over and we were just worshipping and hanging out. They stayed until 4! And they even seemed reluctant to go. Something happened today in that room, and I know it was YHWH.

I do not know what God is going to teach us this semester, but I know it is going to be good.



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