I am Genevieve. I was raised in an Evangelical household, but I didn’t start to have something like a relationship with Yahweh until college. Over the past six months, Yahweh has given me revelations about the ancient Hebrews, in particular how they interpreted the scriptures, how they lived, and how they related to Yahweh.

I feel a calling to live in our modern Babylonian world as a Hebrew. The word Hebrew originates from the Akkadian word meaning “wanderer” or “to wander.” My identity is as one not fixed to the things of this world, but one who wanders because my heart is fixed on Yahweh, and I will go where He leads.

This blog will mostly be about my life as a modern Hebrew: my spiritual encounters, my challenges, my meditations in scripture, and my thoughts on Yahweh. I cannot talk about myself without talking about Yahweh. Thus, although it looks like a religious blog, it is my personal blog. Yahweh is not just a part of my life, He is my life force, my fire.

My fiction is at genevievevictoria.wordpress.com

DISCLAIMER: I am not a teacher of Torah, although I aspire to be. I am still only a student, and I am sharing my thoughts and reactions to teaching I come across, as well as challenges I face in my daily life in relation to a Torah-observant lifestyle.

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  1. Thanks for the like on Kedoshim Ministries. Praying Yah guides you on the road less traveled. Blessings to you

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