Hebrew Word Studies: To Fatten

I’ve already known that intense word studies is one the ways that I connect with the Father the deepest. I haven’t taken the time to do any lately, but today I did and I am so glad!

Today I’m going to share what I learned about the word translated as “create,” as in “In the beginning Elohim created…” I wish I had gone more in depth when I wrote my paper on Genesis 1:1-5. There is even more here than I thought.

I am definitely an amateur, so if you want to correct me, please do! If you’re not as familiar, I encourage you to do some study of your own and do not simply trust what I find.

First, basic information, and then interpretation. Sources are Mechanical-translation.net and joinedtohashem.org

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Light and Darkness

Here is a paper I wrote for my World Literature course on Genesis. I did a close reading of the first 5 verses. A close reading is when you look at the words used, how they are used, what the text is saying versus how it is said. It was a really fun close reading. I’ve just copy-pasted it here for you to read.

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Progress Report

I just finished my paper on Genesis! I did an intense close reading of the first five verses. I spent a lot of time thinking about the Hebrew words used and such. I talk about how YHWH created light specially for organization and order, and made it to be set-apart, HOLY, set-above the darkness. And this is something I wrote for a grade. HalleluYah!

Once I receive the graded paper, I’ll edit it and post it here. Yay!