Yahuweh calls me unique. He has made me uniquely, for a specific purpose, and He delights in me. Actually, I tickle Him, He says.

Tonight was so much fun. I attended a spirit-filled worship service I had been so eager to attend. It was the first time in ten months I participated in a spirit-filled corporate worship, and I was excited. I actually cried in the car because I had missed these people so much, and I was so happy to see them. Yahuweh’s presence was thick, and I could not stop smiling because He fills me with such joy. Worship lasted nearly two hours, but when it was over I thought it had hardly been an hour.

I received a prophetic word of knowledge after the service, which also my first in ten months. You get a little nervous, because you’re worried Yahuweh is going to scold you, and tell you what you’re doing wrong. But it’s never that. (In fact, if it is that, you know it’s not from Yahuweh.) Prophetic words are always encouraging, always edifying, always for building you up.

Through the blessing of three beautiful women, Yahuweh reminded me of my uniqueness. The vision was of a bowl of marbles, and all the marbles were blue, but mine was the only red one. I stick out, but in a good way, a way that people like. This reminded me of another word I received spring 2012, that I am a desert flower, sticking out in the wilderness. Yahuweh is encouraging me not to worry that I am different, or that I stick out. That is the way He fashioned me, and He has plans for it.

He said that I am not afraid. That I am acting not to bring attention to myself, but for the honor of the King. He knows my heart, and He loves my heart. It was good to be told that I am not acting for myself, because the enemy lies to me and tries to discourage me from my ministry. He tells me I’m self-centered and attention-seeking. But Yahuweh reminds me that He knows my heart and has plans for me. He has put these things on my heart, and He knows that it is not for my own gain that I seek Him, and He wants to remind me of that.

But also He said that I am ready to go from being spotted to having stripes. The woman who said that word did not know what He meant by that, but I knew right away. He is talking about my transformation from traditional Christian practice to restoring Hebrew worship. Yahuweh made me unique. He designed me specifically. He has plans for me. He is encouraging me to keep walking on the path He set for me, and reminding me that I have no fear. I keep asking Him to take away my fear, but He says I have none. HalleluYah!

Yahuweh bless you and guard you
Yahuweh make His face to shine upon you
Yahuweh lift His face upon you and give you shalom