I keep going back to the idea of manipulatives. I want my heart to always be kneeling towards the Father. I want Him to be in my thoughts all day long. I want the love of Him to saturate all of my actions. I want His esteem to be made known in everything I say or do.

I love manipulatives and discipline because they remind me of my Father all day long.

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Patience, Discouragement, and Prayer

Today James posted in his Morning Meditation about his efforts and discouragement in the Tent of David project. It can be hard sharing news about the Jewish Messiah, and most churches do not want to hear it.

I know exactly what James means. I am not in the position that I may have an impact on a church, because I’m still just a young adult. But I have been working in my college ministries. And by working, I mean that I try to have God-focused conversations, and if I feel someone is ready I will share awesome stuff about Hebrew studies. I receive a variety of responses which is probably analogous to what you find among working adults. Some students are interested in the sense that they say “Oh, that’s cool, I didn’t know that,” but it does not actually inspire them to go deeper. A few people will argue with me, but they are the minority. But those few people are usually closer friends.

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Hebrew Word Studies: To Fatten

I’ve already known that intense word studies is one the ways that I connect with the Father the deepest. I haven’t taken the time to do any lately, but today I did and I am so glad!

Today I’m going to share what I learned about the word translated as “create,” as in “In the beginning Elohim created…” I wish I had gone more in depth when I wrote my paper on Genesis 1:1-5. There is even more here than I thought.

I am definitely an amateur, so if you want to correct me, please do! If you’re not as familiar, I encourage you to do some study of your own and do not simply trust what I find.

First, basic information, and then interpretation. Sources are Mechanical-translation.net and joinedtohashem.org

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Are you antisemitic?  Of course you’re not, right? You love Jewish people. Of course you do.

But really, ask yourself. Are there aspects of your interpretation of scripture that are antisemitic? We like to say that the Jews just didn’t understand their own scriptures, that their system was defunct. We joke about foolish Israelites. And of course, Jesus did away with the Law. It was really bad.

Take a hard look at the teachings called Christianity. Where do they come from? Almost all Christianity today was birthed from Catholicism or Orthodoxy, which has its birthplace in the Roman empire in the first few centuries AD. The first century of Jesus-followers were almost entirely Jewish, but from the beginning of the second century onward the faith was dominantly gentile.

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Light and Darkness

Here is a paper I wrote for my World Literature course on Genesis. I did a close reading of the first 5 verses. A close reading is when you look at the words used, how they are used, what the text is saying versus how it is said. It was a really fun close reading. I’ve just copy-pasted it here for you to read.

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Praise Reports!!

I’ve got a lot of things on my mind that I’d like to share, but it’s been a long day of classes and homework. So, to be brief, I have some praise reports.

Yahweh has just completely blessed me in my first day of school. He just amazed me over and over again.

1. I had to apply for a loan for textbooks this morning, something I’ve had trouble with in the past, and it went well without a hitch. HalleluYah!

2. I went to Jamba Juice to get a wheat grass shot. They took forever in getting my shot, so I got a double! HalleluYah! As a bonus, it took away my abdominal pain. HalleluYah!

3. I bought the textbook for Russian right before the class, not knowing if I’d need it, and I did! Well, a special workbook anyway. The other textbook was almost $200 new, but I don’t need it for a week so I was able to return in and used the money to buy a cheaper book, as well as bus tickets to go home this weekend. HalleluYah!

4. Leaving my Russian class, I stumble upon Yahweh directed my path to a friend who also just got back from a year abroad. (She went to France, I went to Japan.) We were able to reconnect and enjoy each other’s presence. A totally unexpected blessing. HalleluYah!

5. At the dining hall, I had no idea who to sit with, so the Father showed me a girl to sit with. Turns out, she is a Christian and went to the worship service for my campus ministry last night! I had no idea of any of that when I sat down, but Yah gave us the chance to connect. How cool. HalleluYah!

6. At my next class, again I asked YHWH to show me where to sit. I introduce myself to the girl, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Just before class started, I saw a friend from a previous, related course. After class I go to talk to him, and he’s a friend of the girl I sat next too! Now I’ll be able to continue to sit with this girl and my friend. Totally unexpected. HalleluYah!

7. At my next class, I turn to talk to the girl behind me. What is she studying? RUSSIAN! We were able to connect and chat about Russian literature. I see a friendship forming here. HalleluYah!

8. My dance class was a blessing in disguise. It turns out I don’t remember the basics as well as I should, and if I stayed in this class I would struggle. I decided to drop a course I had been eagerly looking forward to. This decision could not have been from anyone but Papa. He had blessed me all throughout the day, so why would that moment be any different? Actually, my ambition told me to keep going and try, but it was a small voice compared to the overwhelming peace of Yah encouraging me to drop the course. Only He knows what pleasures I will reap from this blessing. HalleluYah!

Other students may not have felt as positively about their first day, but I proudly proclaim that my day was great and the glory all goes to YAHWEH!!!! He is good, and He is a moving force in our lives. He loves us so much and blesses us in more ways than we know. He deserves all of the praise and all of the esteem. He is so worthy, so so worthy.

Praise Yah! Praise Ěl in His set-apart place; Praise Him in His mighty expanse!
Praise Him for His mighty acts; Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!
Praise Him with the blowing of the ram’s horn; Praise Him with the harp and lyre!
Praise Him with tambourine and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Praise Him with sounding cymbals; Praise Him with resounding cymbals!
Let all that have breath praise Yah. Praise Yah!




Crossing Over

One meaning of the word “Hebrew” means to traverse, or as I have so fondly put it, to wander. Thus, the title of this blog. Another meaning for the word “Hebrew” is to cross over. Indeed, I feel like I have crossed over.

I am starting my fourth year at university, and this week I moved into my dorm room. I’m living in the same hall that I have lived in since first year, with the exception of being in Japan this past academic year. As I set up my room and unpacked my bags, I couldn’t help but think about my first time moving in. I was disappointed in my roommate because she wasn’t Japanese, I brought way too many clothes and everything else, and I was covering the walls with pictures of Japanese boys. But this week? My roommate is such a blessing (although still not Japanese), I brought very little clothes or anything and thus have ample room in my drawers, closet, and bookshelves, and my only wall decoration is a map of where I lived in Japan.

But it’s more than just where I am at move-in. I think about how much I have grown in three years. Coming in I knew I wanted to study Japanese, but had little direction beyond that. Now, after spending time in Japan, I have more direction and goals to pursue. Coming in I had insecurity issues and was trying to establish myself with my knowledge of Japan. Now I know that my value is in how much my Father loves me, which is quite a lot. And I have crossed over a few times.

My first cross-over was from Christian-in-name to full-time Christian, through the campus ministry InterVarsity. My second cross-over was from Evangelical Christian to Pentecostal Charismatic Christian. And now I’ve crossed over from that to Hebrew Roots.

I mentioned in a recent post about being lost and confused, not sure what to do on campus. I have crossed over a line and I am not going back. The cares of this world, this culture, are not my cares. As much as I take joy in being a Hebrew in Babylon, I was feeling alone and hopeless. I have had little *success* with other friends and family, so how can I convince my Christian friends on campus? How could I participate in their worships and Bible studies, when the lessons they teach are based on biases and mistranslations? But I read Cindi Gilland’s post on Faith Grace Torah, and it was very encouraging. Cindi realized that she was at her church to share what she had been learning, and it reminded me of what YHWH can do in our lives, and that it’s not all about us.

I won’t claim to know what YHWH is thinking or exactly what He has in mind, but I do know He’s got great plans for me. I will let Him do the planning, and I’ll do the following. Yeshua did not come to start a new religion, so neither should I go off by myself because I’m the only one that agrees with me. This calls for humility, patience, self-control, and gentleness. As well as a dose of love, joy, and loving-commitment. And of course, some faithfulness to YHWH.

And about that *success* that I mentioned earlier, when was success ever listed as a quality we strive for? In YHWH there is no success or failure, there is only obedience or disobedience. The Father judges us by His standards alone, and He is merciful and forgiving! Christians will tell me that you cannot live the “Law” perfectly, and yes it is hard, but I am not trying to win or fail at the “Law”. I am walking in obedience, and walking in faith, and when you follow YHWH, He will not lead you to break His law. But the standards of this world? There is a pass and a fail, you are judged harshly, and there is no forgiveness. There is bitterness, and prejudice, and cruelty.

Yes I have crossed over, and that is something to rejoice in. I am no longer under control of the ways of this world. I will not compromise Torah, because there is no value in worldly success. I will go where He goes, and say what He says. I don’t know what purpose YHWH has me here for, beyond being an ambassador of Love. I can try to take the wheel, but I think He’s a better driver.



Do not be conformed to the ways of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you prove what is that good and well-pleasing and perfect desire of Elohim. Rom. 12:2

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